posta-vote-photo4-redBeing on the voting register every year is important for credit rating agencies if you need a short term loan, HP a credit card or a mortgage, amongst other things. The Parliamentary Boundary Commission is required to use the figures for the electorate as at 1 December 2015 as the basis for their recommendations, so this year there’s changes to constituency boundaries which could result.

Please encourage others to register to vote, particularly people from these groups who are least likely to register themselves:

  • university students (who can be registered at both home and term-time addresses – and can vote at both in local elections),
  • school students aged 16+,
  • people living in insecure privately rented accommodation (including HMOs),
  • ethnic minorities,
  • EU citizens (who can vote in local elections) and
  • people who have recently changed their address.
  • people who lack access to a computer or the ability to use the internet

You can register to vote by printing and filling in this form – just click here

Or click here to register to vote on-line

Individual Electoral Registration (IER) requires the elector to give their date of birth and their National Insurance number.