NHSgettyimagesOur NHS is precious! We know that it is not safe in the Tories’ hands and we need to remain ever vigilant.

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, has put out for consultation a document outlining a number of proposals for the NHS. It was supposed to be read and responded to by patients, patient groups, health care groups and anyone involved in any way with the NHS and NHS patient care. It is a long document requiring responses to a host of questions.

But very few patient groups have heard about this document and the only way most of them have gained access to it is via urgent posts on Facebook from concerned individuals over the last few days.

The consultation closes on Monday 23rd November at 11.45pm – next Monday!

It is really important that as many people as possible respond to the consultation and pass the document on to friends and colleagues.

Click here to link to the document

Click here for a crib sheet from the National Health Action Party to help you respond.

Please reply to this consultation if you value your NHS