A message from Sue Castillon, Chair of Portsmouth Labour Party

Sue-PortraitThank you for electing me to be chair of Portsmouth Labour Party and I really appreciate your congratulations and messages of support.  I will ensure that I will be your ambassador and front line face for the party reflecting Labour values and principles of fairness, equality and transparency and be a true opposition to the Tory council and government.

I lead an executive team of 15 people who are all experts in their own field of life and work experience.  They are already working on members behalf in small teams.  We have a Communications and media team, an Equalities team (women, disabilities, ethnic minorities) an Admin, fundraising and finance team, Young people and Unions team and a Campaigns team.  They will be reporting back on their activities and strategy to the full Executive Committee every month and we will share this with all members in the party.

You can get involved with the party in a variety of ways, by attending Branch and All Members Meetings, campaigning in the ward where you live, and offering as much or as little time as you choose.  We intend to build small teams around the candidate standing in each ward so that you will have autonomy to organise around the issues important to the area you live in. This will have the full backing and support of myself and the Executive team.

We are already planning some exciting and dynamic All Members Meetings with great speakers to inspire us to campaign on the issues central to both the local and national party.  So come and join in – this is where we make friends and influence people!

We are only as strong as the membership so by next May it is my intention to elect as many Labour councillors as we can.


I wish all of you a Happy Christmas and let’s turn 2016 RED