12418938_10153331913147411_9107578170761561755_oHot on the heels of the announcement about the European Referendum on 23 June, a series of 5 weekly lunchtime presentations will be held at Portsmouth University.

The presenter is the Eastleigh-based lawyer, Claire Bradley who will consider the ways in which the EU interacts with the lives of ordinary UK citizens.  These sessions are open to all, are free , and will last around an hour.  Plenty of time for individual questions and enquiries!

All presentations will take place on Wednesday lunchtimes (1 – 2 PM), commencing 24th February,with tea and biccies.

The topics covered include: consumer rights and protection; workers’ rights and employment protection; jobs, trade and travel; the environment; justice and individual rights. Dates and locations are as follows:-

24th  February     –       The EU and the consumer                                  Burnaby Blg        BB 1.25

2nd  March    –              The EU and workers’ rights                                Dennis Sciama    DS 1.12

9th  March          –         The EU and environmental protection             Burnaby Blg        BB  1. 25

16th March         –        Jobs, trade and travel in the EU                         Dennis Sciama     DS 1.12

23rd March            –      Justice and rights  within the EU                       Burnaby Blg       BB 1.25

Click here to find a map of the University which shows the different venues.

Those unable to attend should know that the plan is to film each one and make them available on the University website in the future.