A neighbourhood desk doesn’t replace a police station!

hBfhxJonxSeykIK-800x450-noPadHaving a neighbourhood desk in the civic offices is just not the same as having a centrally-located police station, Police & Crime Commissioner.

This is quite simply a cut too far!

The news that Portsmouth’s Central Police Station was being considered for closure by Hampshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, Simon Hayes, has come as a real disappointment to the Portsmouth community.

If the proposal goes ahead, some desk-based service provision would be provided in the city but there will be no public police station left in the whole of Portsmouth after a number of closures of police stations across the city in recent years.

Stephen Morgan, Labour candidate for Charles Dickens ward, where the station is based, has talked to people in the area and knows their concerns.

Stephen said:

Policing is vitally important to the people of Portsmouth. Visibility delivers a feeling of security and support within our communities. We are reassured to hear there are plans for some neighbourhood provision to be retained in the city. 

But from talking to local people, it is clear that the public want to hear exactly what these plans are. They want to be completely assured there will be absolutely no impact on the police services in Portsmouth they hold dear, at least one station will stay open and that changes will not result in crime continuing to rise. We hope this case will be made soon and for public consultation”.

Concerns have also now been raised by Dr Michael Bennett, Labour’s candidate in the May elections for Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner, who has also backed the campaign.

Michael said:

“I was angry to hear Simon Hayes accusing community campaigners as scaremongering. There is an increase in violent crime in Portsmouth and yet people are unaware of plans to close police services. By alerting local people Stephen Morgan and others have provided a public service. There has been a failure in consultation; Portsmouth needs to know the plans and discuss alternatives”.

The local Labour Party is urging residents to show your support for our campaign to keep this important community facility open by signing and promoting the community petition.

Click here to sign the petition now!