Involving Young People in Local Democracy

Stephen Morgan Charles DickensStephen Morgan, Labour’s newly-elected councillor in Portsmouth’s Charles Dickens ward, calls on young people to get involved in local democracy and help improve their local community. 

During the recent local election campaign, Stephen Morgan visited a number of schools across Charles Dickens, meeting young people and talking to parents and carers at school gates.

At Arundel Court School Stephen faced a grilling by school councillors.  School councillors asked questions about safety in tower blocks, dog mess and how to improve safety for cyclists.  They invited Stephen to set out his plans for making the ward a better place to live.

Stephen was impressed by the level of interest in their community shown by young people and is determined to keep them engaged.  He has now written to school councillors inviting them to attend Mayor-Making next Tuesday at Portsmouth Guildhall. 

In his letter Stephen says:

“I’ve always wanted to represent my community and do my bit to help others – this has been a dream of mine since I was very young. When I was your age, we didn’t have school councils, but if we did, I would have wanted to have been on one. 

“I’ve learnt a lot in recent months. Most importantly, I’ve learnt that dreams are meant to be chased and lived. So if you put your mind to something, I’ve learnt you will succeed”.

Stephen very much hopes that his invitation will be taken up and has plans to carry on working with young people to help them shape the community they live in.

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