News that the Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr. Gerald Vernon-Jackson was caught playing games on his phone during one of the most important council meetings of the year has made national headlines today.
“The News” first reported that during the budget debate earlier this month another councillor caught the former Council Leader in the act, playing on his phone. Now photographic proof has been shared in the national press and on social media.
December’s council meeting discussed cutting public services and taking £9m out of council budgets.
Portsmouth Labour proposed  fairer budget amendments which aimed to invest in social care at a time of financial crisis for these vital services. 
Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth’s Labour  Leader said:
“Taking £9m out of council budgets is bad for Portsmouth and these decisions – which Labour opposed – deserve the full attention of every single councillor. 
Whilst others played Russian roulette with our public services, the Lib Dem Group Leader played card games. It’s time for a proper opposition in Portsmouth”.