Standing up for city playgroups

Local parents are organising a protest in Guildhall Square on Tuesday 2nd May, at 12.30.

Council spending cuts mean that local pre-school groups could close.

Organisers, Holly Harrison and Roxanne Chappell, set up a Facebook event to build support. They say:

“The qualified and experienced staff who run our well attended and well loved pre-school stay and play groups at children’s centres are no longer being funded by the council!! This will likely result in the closure of our groups and will leave nothing on the schedule for the majority of our kids.

These groups are essential for children to learn skills and socialise and for parents to get support and information! We need them to stay!!!

We believe this is part of our council’s aims to erode Children’s Services and close down our Children’s Centres. In previous years they promised they wouldn’t close any centres. They broke their promises and closed several last year. This is their next step.

Join us to protest against the councils decision to cut these groups that families rely on!

Let’s make our voices heard and stand up for the children’s centres!”


SAVE OUR PLAYGROUPS! Gather in Guildhall Square on Tuesday 2nd May at 12.30 and sign the petition asking the council to reverse their decision to axe the playgroups!