Previous Labour MPs for Portsmouth North have endorsed Rumal Khan’s candidacy in this General Election.

Syd Rapson was elected in 1997 and served as local MP until he retired in 2005.  Syd was a local councillor for many years and became Lord Mayor of Portsmouth in 1990. As MP for Portsmouth North, Syd’s proudest memory was serving as parliamentary private secretary to the defence  minister, helping to ensure Portsmouth part-built and was to become the home port for two new aircraft carriers.  In 2015 he was given the honour of  being unanimously chosen to have the title Freeman of the City of Portsmouth awarded to him.

Syd says:

“Rumal Khan is an ideal choice to represent Portsmouth North. He understands our needs and has the ability to ensure that our voice through him will be heard in Parliament as our M.P.”


Sarah McCarthy-Fry served from 2005 to 2010 as the MP for Portsmouth North. A local councillor since 1994, Sarah was Syd Rapson’s campaign manager in 1997, and was then elected as MP after Syd retired. Sarah was parliamentary private secretary to the financial secretary to the treasury, and later to the chief whip. In 2008 she was promoted to parliamentary under-secretary of state in the Department of Children, Schools and Families, and a year later appointed exchequer secretary to the treasury.

Sarah says:

“Rumal has run his own business and been active in community work in the city for many years. His local knowledge, strong community links and enthusiasm for representing ordinary people and their concerns, make him an ideal candidate. Portsmouth North deserves a Labour MP to stand up for their interests nationally, Rumal has my wholehearted support”