A Year of Chaos


Join Labour to build on historic victory in Portsmouth South

In the wake of the general election results, Portsmouth Labour are appealing for supporters to become members and help build our campaign to win council seats in May 2018.

Yesterday Labour activists gathered to celebrate the election of the first ever Labour MP for Portsmouth South, Cllr Stephen Morgan. Against a backdrop of growing support nationally for Labour over the last few weeks, Stephen’s majority was over 1500 votes with a 21.5% swing increase. Huge amounts of advertising from both Tories and Lib Dems failed against the people powered campaign from Labour. Continue reading

A plan for our NHS.

NHS1With polls opening in less than 24 hours, Labour is promising to breathe life back into the NHS after years of the Tories starving it of funds, running down our health workers and opening the door to full-scale privatisation.

Since 2016, almost two million people have waited longer than four hours in A&E, almost 450,000 have waited longer than four hours on trolleys and nearly 70,000 more people on waiting lists. Labour offers a plan to support our NHS, with a manifesto ensuring additional funding for the NHS. Continue reading

Labour’s Manifesto With and For Disabled People

Labour have launched a specific manifesto with people with a disability following extensive consultation with disabled people and their carers across the country.

Click here to view this Manifesto – Nothing About You, Without You.

Over the last seven years, disabled people – including people with physical or mental impairments and long-term health conditions – have borne the brunt of the Tory cuts, which has seen the number of disabled people living in poverty rise to 4.2 million. Continue reading

Portsmouth Needs Secure Homes for the Many Not the Few

Rumal Khan, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth North writes about housing issues, particularly in areas such as North End and Paulsgrove.

There are many things I find worrying about the housing situation in Portsmouth as it stands under a Conservative government.

I worry because the rush to make a profit by those who want to exploit the housing market is making it increasingly difficult for many Portsmouth families to find a permanent home to live in: a home which they can afford and in an environment which is healthy and safe for their children to grow up in.

I am concerned about the number of Houses in Multiple Occupation, (HMOs), springing up in the city. Large companies are buying up properties in unsuitable residential locations, where housing should be for families and permanent residents.

Continue reading

We Must End the Neglect of Mental Health

No one is immune from developing mental ill-health. It could happen to any one of us at any time. The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2030 depression will overtake heart disease and cancer as the leading global burden of disease. They say mental ill-health is the biggest unaddressed health challenge of our age.

Under the Tory Government there have been false economies on mental health.

The Tory led government’s re-organisation of health & social care under the 2012 Health & Social Care Act, has placed competition, fragmentation and privatisation at the heart of our NHS. It also removed the Secretary of State’s duty to provide health services in England ending historic political accountability for the NHS. A direct result of this has been a post code lottery for mental health services, rationing of treatments and a market framework which puts competition before collaboration and profits before patients. Continue reading