Education – Portsmouth Schools face Millions in Funding Cuts

Our schools are facing crippling budget cuts over the next three years. Portsmouth’s primary schools are set to lose an average of £240 per pupil. For a primary school with 300 children that means a loss of £72,000.

For our secondary schools that rises to an average of £320 per pupil and for a school with 1,000 pupils that’s a loss of £320,000. Headteachers are already struggling to manage dwindling funds.

A study by the National Union of Teachers predicts Portsmouth’s schools will lose over £8 million, that’s equal to 216 teachers.

And how is this going to affect our children?

Bigger class sizes, fewer teachers, less support staff, fewer books and resources are on the cards, while nationally money continues to flow into this Tory Government’s free schools.

Let’s not forget the funds they want to put into bringing back selective grammar schools too.

Labour will oppose this.

Labour will focus on what matters most – driving up the quality of teaching in our classrooms.

The Tories are taking the country backwards.

Labour wants a better deal for Portsmouth’s schools. Our children deserve a brighter future. They should get the opportunity to have one.


If you are a parent of a child in a Portsmouth schools, ask your headteacher about the budget cuts that her/his school is facing and what measures the school will be taking to balance its budget over the next three years..

Click here to find out more about the budget cuts in your area

Click here to sign this petition to protest against the cuts in spending on local schools.



The National Audit Office has recently calculated that on average, schools in England and Wales face an 8% cut in their funding in real terms between 2017 and 2020.

As a result, schools will have to make savings totalling £3 billion over the next three years.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies estimates that the government’s current plans would result in real term spending cuts of about 6.5% by 2020 – the first real-terms cut since the mid-1990s and the largest fall over a four-year period since at least the late 1970s, according to the IFS. Their recent report suggests that only £1 billion investment by politicians would freeze school spending at current levels. 

Education in our schools will be severely damaged by these Tory cuts.

Only a Labour Government can reverse these.