Post GE 2017

On 8 June here in Portsmouth, we had a fantastic victory with  Stephen Morgan winning in Portsmouth South – a truly historic achievement as this was the first time a Labour MP had been elected for 100 years!

In Portsmouth North,  Rumal Khan  stood for Portsmouth North, and increased the Labour vote by 9.9% – above the national average.

It’s very likely that we’ll be called on for yet another general election within the next year, and if not we have the local council elections coming up in May 2018. Our ambition is build on our success and win enough Labour council seats to really make a difference in our city of Portsmouth.

What can you do?

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Here are some of the issues we are passionate about:

Education – planned Tory cuts will reduce spending on Portsmouth schools by over £8 million by 2020.  Already local schools are having to consider how to make budget reductions. Labour wants a better deal for local children – they deserve a brighter future. Click here for more details about the local campaign.

Labour – ambitious for every child in Portsmouth

Only Labour will give schools the resources they need

Housing – Portsmouth needs more affordable housing both to buy and rent. Houses lie empty while homelessness increases. Large companies are buying up houses for multiple occupation (HMOs) and land to build flats for huge profits, not to help ordinary people afford a decent home.

National plans do little to fix the broken housing market

The homeless ex-serviceman

The NHS and Social Care – under the Tories the NHS and social care have been pushed into a state of emergency. Queen Alexandra (QA) hospital has been denied an additional £7.6 million of funding because too many people were stuck in hospital beds due to inadequate social care provision.

The Tories go for the elderly

We need a health service we can rely on

Supporting small business – Research tells us that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-size business, 63% is re-spent in the local area. This is compared to 40p in every £1 spent with a chain or larger business. Small businesses make a big difference to their community and life in every corner of Portsmouth.

Standing up for small businesses

Tax hike for local landlords means rent rises