George Fielding for Central Southsea

George lives in the ward and is proud to call it home, he has been coming to Southsea since he was a child. He is a qualified Legal Executive and a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives with experience of Landlord and Tenant Law.

Through his years of local campaigning he’s come to know the ward well and believes there are key issues facing the residents of Central Southsea:

‘The main issues affecting the ward currently are inadequate parking arrangements, fly-tipping and rogue private landlords. I work in a local law firm where I deal regularly with landlord and tenant problems and have a lot of experience in this area. This helps give me a clear understanding of how to address such an increasing problem.’ – George Fielding

As well as the issues facing the ward, George is also concerned about issues the wider city is having to face as a result of the government’s, and the city council’s, austerity agenda. Increases in rough sleeping and homelessness, cuts to school budgets and support services for victims of domestic violence, plus the challenges we will be facing over Brexit, are just some of the serious issues he knows the city is having to cope with.

With past experience of working within a county council department, supporting officers overseeing the work of social workers within adult and children’s services, George has seen and understands the needs of some of the more vulnerable members of communities.

As an experienced and committed community campaigner, George has already been working on setting up a forum for local business with Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan. The aim is to connect local businesses across Southsea to share the challenges they face, particularly in light of the current spate of crimes affecting many independent shopkeepers in the area.

To the residents of Central Southsea George says:

I would work very hard as your elected representative to come up with solutions to the problems we face locally by working both across party boundaries and with our existing Labour councillors and MP.’

With roles as Regional Organiser for Britain Stronger in Europe and having worked closely with Labour in Britain for last year’s EU referendum, working co-operatively with different groups is something he’s not only experienced, but also learnt from:

Through the years I’ve gained knowledge and understanding of how to run successful campaigns and how to learn from previous mistakes. I’m committed to working to improve things for the people of Central Southsea and if elected will work tirelessly to do so.’