Alex Bentley for Milton Ward


Alex Bentley

I am a local businessman, a husband of 42 years, and a proud parent and grandfather.From 1986 until 2008, I served local people as a councillor for Portsmouth City Council and Hampshire County Council. This included a term as Lord Mayor of Portsmouth.

Our city is full of people being held back in life by the short-term, blinkered thinking of councillors. They cut services and opportunities with no thought for tomorrow. It is an attack on the city I love.

I know you are fed up with politicians telling you how things have to be. You want a voice in what happens where you live. I will bring experience and vision. But I will always listen to you. I will:

  •  Make sure the community’s voice is heard on housing, including the St James development
  • Keep you safe from more cuts to vital services, including the police and fire brigade
  • Support local people to build successful businesses and create new jobs
  • Champion a radical new approach to roads, with attention to parking and congestion

I have delivered change before. I saved taxpayers’ money through smartly negotiated contracts.I helped to save people’s homes, by standing up in court for local residents facing repossession. And by introducing 20mph speed limits on Portsmouth streets, I helped to save lives.

I hope I can count on your vote on 5th May.



You can contact Alex by phone on 02392731441, or by emailing