John Castillon for Baffins Ward

John Castillon

I have lived in Portsmouth for 24 years, working in construction. I’ve been part of the Baffins community for 10 years now, and am proud to be standing to represent you on the City Council.

As a councillor, I will make it my priority to monitor the development of the new flats on the Kingston Prison site. I will encourage the construction of more facilities for residents there. For example, there is a full-size football pitch on the site that could be used to support community activities, especially for our children and young people.

I am also committed to making more use of the numerous empty properties in our city. I believe that these can easily be refurbished and made habitable. This would provide opportunities for young people to learn new trade skills and help to ease housing pressures in our area. It could also help to house homeless people in Portsmouth.

  •  I will stand up for the development of our local services and facilities
  • I will use my years of experience to help guide the Council to make the right decisions for our area
  • I will always be prepared to listen to your views and represent them fairly
  • I will work hard to deliver the changes that will give our city a brighter future

Please see me on video below. I hope I can count on your vote on 5th May.

You can contact me on 07747 690138 or email

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