Silvi Veale for Hilsea Ward

silvi-2Silvi Veale

I have lived in Portsmouth for most of my life, with over 10 years living in Hilsea.

I am standing as a council candidate for Hilsea ward, because I want to get the best possible for local people in terms of health, homes, jobs and education. I do not accept that cuts to our services are the main answer, especially when council funding has been spent on projects of little value to many of us.

The present Conservative-led council has decimated our public services and I cannot stand back and let this happen. As a councillor, I would fight for local services, question every budget and investment decision and challenge cuts all the way.

I have already been campaigning to stop cuts to our local Fire Service, to Adult Learning Disabilities Services, to Domestic Violence services and to Sure-Start centres. I have also campaigned against the closure of the Guildhall Walk Health Centre, the Hate Crimes Unit and to Baytrees.

I am an active campaigner for keeping our NHS free:

For more information on NHS privatisation and what we need to do to stop it, please see my Facebook site NHS Watch And Protect Portsmouth:

My Campaign for Shipbuilding in Portsmouth:

I am petitioning David Cameron to honour his commitment to Portsmouth and ensure that ship building work returns to the city:

The people of Portsmouth deserve councillors that work on their behalf, rather than on the behalf of those with money and power. With Labour strong in the council we can and will achieve this.

Please have a look at the video below. I hope I can count on your vote on 5th May.



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Mobile: 07800894821
Twitter: @Allanastweets
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