I have been actively representing the needs of Portsmouth residents for years. Standing as one of Labour’s parliamentary candidates in last year’s general election, I helped to increase our share of the vote by 45%. I also have a lot of experience of community and youth work.

In my conversations with local Nelson Ward residents, I have heard a deep level of disappointment over the botched and stalled development of the area. Some people are angry that they will be losing the privacy of their own homes, due to insensitive placement of large blocks of flats. Others have had sudden infestations of rats, caused by the clearing of the land around the old Greyhound track. This is unacceptable.

From vital hygiene and safety issues, to shelved plans to open up a walk/cycle bridge to Port Solent, the current City Council has failed to treat the residents of Nelson Ward with the respect they deserve. I would devote my energies as a councillor to righting these wrongs,while also driving the development that this part of our city desperately needs.

  • I will make sure that your views on local projects are heard
  • I will use my years of experience to help raise educational standards in our area
  • I will work hard to support and promote the regeneration of the North End shopping area

I hope I can count on your vote on 5th May.

You can contact me on 07767 364517 or email sue@suecastillon.co.uk.

To discover more about my work in the city, visit: www.suecastillon.co.uk


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