Sumel Chowdhury for St.Thomas Ward

Sumel Chowdhury

I am standing for election because I believe Labour offers hope. I will work hard to protect you from cuts made by our Conservative-led Council, and the Liberal Democrats before them.

Austerity is the result of unfair decisions made by the Government. Cuts do not work. Labour recognises that the only way to shrink the deficit is to invest. Investment in services and infrastructure creates jobs, which means more money in tax and less need for benefits.

  •  Labour’s campaign to protect NHS services means more services will stay at Guildhall Walk-In
  • Labour’s campaign for local policing means the new police HQ will now be built in Portsmouth
  • Labour is campaigning against cuts to children’s services, Sure Start and school building

My colleagues and I will also stand up to keep schools in local authority control. The Conservatives want to turn all schools into academies, run by private companies, with no parent governors.

With all my heart I believe my hard work for you will make a difference. As the owner of a successful local business, a family man, and an experienced community activist, I am passionate about Portsmouth. I love our beautiful waterfront city and have great respect for the community. I promise to work with you, to make St Thomas the best place it can be.

I hope I can count on your vote on 5th May.

You can contact me on 07595 051 691 or email

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