Sumel is married and has been living in Portsmouth with his family for over 13 years.

I am passionate about Portsmouth. I love our beautiful waterfront city and have great respect for its community.’

He believes the austerity the country is facing is the result of unfair decisions made by the government. Nationwide cuts to services are the result, including those the city is facing, but Sumel maintains these do not work.

‘Cuts do not work. The only way to shrink the deficit is to invest. Investment in services and infrastructure creates jobs, which means more money in tax and less need for benefits. Labour recognises this.’

Sumel believes that Labour offers hope and he’s determined to do all he can to protect the people of Portsmouth from the effects of cuts that have been made by the Conservative led council and the Liberal Democrats before them. He wants to see our NHS protected, enough decent, affordable and social housing to meet people’s needs and the kind of services that support people when they need it most.

As a campaigner and community activist he wants to find out which issues matter most to the people of St. Thomas’ ward.

‘I have already spoken to many local people and would like to thank them for such warm welcomes on the doorstep.’

He is already concerned about children’s services, cuts to school budgets, local policing and wants to know what residents feel should be the top priorities to be addressed in the area.

‘With all my heart I believe my hard work for you will make a difference.  I promise to work with you, to make St Thomas the best place it can be.’

Portsmouth Labour would like to apologise for the error in the second edition of Pompey Matters. Which was meant to say in the heart of our city not ward. We can assure you this was a printing error and Sumel is working tirelessly in the ward day in day out.