Tony Chafer for St.Judes Ward

Tony Oct 13Tony Chafer

I am a university lecturer and have lived in Southsea for over 35 years. Active on education matters, I am a school governor and chair of the resources committee at Southsea Infant School. As we saw recently, the Council is failing on education. It also lets people down in other ways.

Our city is full of people being held back in life by the short-term thinking of councillors who cut services with no thought for their impact. This must change.

One of the most important reasons why I am standing to be your councillor is to keep you safe from more cuts to vital services. Cuts to the police and fire brigade in Portsmouth are deeply worrying, and I will be a strong voice to ensure we remain secure.

Green issues are also close to my heart. If elected to the Council I would give priority to improving facilities for cyclists. Encouraging more people to cycle is good for their wellbeing and our natural world. We must invest to make cycling safer in Portsmouth.

The quality and cost of public transport is another vital local issue. I believe the Council should press the Government for legislation that lets it regulate bus services and set minimum standards for public transport. This happens in London and most countries in Europe.

I hope I can count on your vote on 5th May.


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