Liam’s family first settled here from Northern Ireland when his grandfather came to train as a Royal Marine at Eastney Barracks during World War II. Born and bred in Portsmouth, Liam has continued to live and work in the city ever since, settling in Baffins the ward he’s seeking to represent.

His grandfather’s war time mantra of never leaving people behind and all working together for the benefit of everyone, stayed with him in civilian life, and Liam says: ‘…that trickled down to my dad and then me, and it’s something I value immensely. I take it with me whenever I make my mind up on political issues and always ask myself whether we are looking after everyone and will this be for the benefit of the majority?’

As an ordinary working person, Liam wants to do the best he can for the people of Baffins. Married with a young son, he’s particularly aware of the impact new housing developments will have on the area.

Liam says: ‘I only have to look out of my front room window to see a major housing development taking place at the Kingston Prison site. This certainly brings home what will be an  increased strain on our local infrastructure, our schools, doctors surgeries and local roads, with the likelihood of no additional means of support. There could also be future builds on some of our limited green spaces and as an island city this would have a major effect on our environment. I want to have a say on these issues and stand up for those who don’t feel they have a voice and are bypassed by the people usually in “seats of power”.’

Liam works as a postman, but also has a BA in Irish and Cultural Studies and an MA in Irish Studies. With Northern Irish and Pompey roots, he understands some of the needs of different groups within a community.

His training, skills and experience, coupled with his youthful enthusiasm, has helped him regularly raise money for local and national charities and would be invaluable in his work as a city councillor if elected. He says: ‘I have a genuine hunger to help people. I saw the devastating cuts to public spending and local councils, felt enough is enough and decided I needed to do more. Where better to start than for the ward in which I live.’

Liam is proud of the city, a keen supporter of Portsmouth FC and has taken part in the Great South Run for charity six times. With both of his grandfathers in the forces, he’s also proud of his family’s military background.

‘Being Pompey born and bred, an ordinary working person living in the ward with my young family, I believe puts me in a unique position to relate to the people of Baffins. Their issues are my issues, what affects their families affects mine and I want to stand up for them.’ – Liam Turish