No More Housing Crisis, But A Home for Everyone

People need homes, but there aren’t enough of them being built for the people of Portsmouth.

  • Far too many new developments in the city are for luxury flats or houses
  • Property developers build these to make money, not to house the homeless
  • Many new-build properties are bought purely as investments by the wealthy
  • Rise in house prices far outstrips wages
  • Rough sleeping is on the increase, up 50% since 2010

There is a desperate need for more housing in the city. But more council homes in the country have been sold off under the Conservatives and only one in five have been replaced. We need homes that are affordable for people on average incomes. The Tory Government thinks £450,000 is a reasonable price for an affordable home. Labour doesn’t.

Labour will build 1 million new genuinely affordable homes over 10 years the majority for social rent.

Labour says:

‘A decent home is not a privilege for the few, but a right owed to all regardless of their income.’

Labour will prioritise brownfield sites and protect the green belt and not only build more, but build better, insulating homes to help people manage energy bills, reduce preventable winter deaths and meet our climate change targets.

Here in the city Portsmouth Labour would also:

  • make sure all local authority and housing association building projects employed local construction workers, both skilled and apprenticed.
  • undertake an audit and impact assessment of student accommodation to inform planning decisions.

Click here to see Portsmouth Labour’s Plan for Affordable Housing

Labour’s priority is….

                                        Building homes for the many, not the few…


The Tories are Failing Our Children


Education 2

91% of schools across the country are facing government cuts to their budgets. Portsmouth schools will have lost over £3million under this Tory Government by 2019. These funding cuts to education are biting hard:

  • Class sizes are increasing
  • Support staff have been axed
  • Experienced teachers are leaving the profession
  • Schools are asking parents for money for vital materials

Over the next 3 years 50 out of 56 Portsmouth schools will continue to face crippling budget  cuts (

Schools in our city are being left behind, yet the Prime Minister continues to recycle her line claiming the opposite. She’s said that the amount of money in schools was greater than ever before, a claim refuted by the NEU, NAC, and NUT.

Portsmouth South MP and Councillor for Charles Dickens ward Stephen Morgan said:

Her Education Secretary has already been reprimanded by the statistics watchdog for saying school spending is going up – just because you repeat something doesn’t make it true.

But Portsmouth’s teachers and parents know the reality of the Tories failure to invest in our children’s futures, and they deserve better.’

Amanda Martin, NUT Executive Member for Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton said:

‘The Government’s real-terms cuts to education funding have seen £2.8 billion cut from school budgets since 2015.

The Prime Minister is wrong on the facts. She must address the funding crisis urgently and not continue to ignore these very real problems.’

And the latest available data from the Trussell Trust, says that there are also approximately 40,000 children in the South East reliant on food banks.

Mr Morgan asked the PM: ‘If the Prime Minister was a teacher who’d been under a pay cap for 8 years, what would she buy a struggling child in one of my city’s classrooms – a text book or a square meal?’

All this, while nationally the Tories:

  • continue to pour money into free schools
  • want to bring back grammar schools

Labour will focus on what matters most – caring for our children and driving up the quality of teaching in our classrooms.


21st/22nd APRIL 

             ‘Create a noise so loud that no one can ignore what’s happening to our schools.’

Statement from Portsmouth Labour Party

The following statements are in regards to reports in today’s Portsmouth News on behalf of Claire and Portsmouth CLP.

Claire Udy said:

“I deeply regret the comments I made on my Twitter account in 2013, and profusely apologise for any hurt or distress this may have caused.

These remarks were made before I joined the Labour Party or indeed ever contemplated standing for public office. I have become more informed of the impact these views and words can have and hope I can prove through my actions they will never be repeated again”.

A spokesperson for Portsmouth Labour Party added:

“Portsmouth Labour Party’s Executive are aware of social media posts from Ms Udy’s personal account, and following concerns raised, this has been reported to the national party.

Portsmouth Labour Party would like to re-iterate that any form of anti-semitism or racism will not be tolerated in the party. We are working hard to root out it’s corrosive impact on our society”.

City MP takes fact finding visit to Royal Navy in Scotland

Portsmouth South MP spent some of the Easter recess from Parliament up at HMNB Clyde to meet with frontline armed forces personnel and observe training exercises

Stephen Morgan, MP for Portsmouth South, has spent the last two days visiting Her Majesty’s Naval Base on the Clyde.

Mr Morgan as well as meeting sailors, marines and MOD police officers serving on the frontline, he was briefed on the future of the submarine fleet, visited the Faslane Flotilla, Northern Diving Group, and toured the base, as well as gaining an insight into the military training programme up on the Clyde in Scotland. The naval base is one of three locations across the UK the Royal Navy are based. The Royal Marines are also hosted on site.

Stephen travelled to Clyde as part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, a programme which allows Members of Parliament and Peers to gain a wider understanding of service life and the training delivered. Its aim is to improve the quality of debate on military issues, and does this by exposing its members to first-hand experience of the service.

Stephen Morgan MP said:


“I want to thank everyone at HMND Clyde for an useful and highly informative visit. To see first-hand the skill and dedication of those who serve our country in the armed forces is always a very special privilege.

It was useful to receive the latest briefings on the future of the fleet and speak with submariners and officers about their work keeping our nation secure against developing and manifest global threats.

I will continue to be a strong national voice on matters raised by our armed forces and will be taking back feedback on service personnel recruitment, accommodation arrangements and future equipment needs to inform debates in Parliament”.

Hang on a minute… David Horne on the Paulsgrove money tree…

So I heard today that the local conservatives ‘Welcome’ money that’s being invested at last in Paulsgrove? its sad that Paulsgrove has for too long been starved of cash with local facilities closing down.

But hang on a minute…

who is it that has been in government for the last 8 years? ...The Tories.

Who has run the local council for the best part of the last 4 years? …The Tories.

So why, if they are so concerned about the closure of facilities and services, haven’t they done anything before now? I’m not hearing any specifics on how much it is and where is it coming from? and when? …is the magic money tree making an appearance in Paulsgrove sometime soon! or could it be that this recent rhetoric has anything to do with the upcoming local elections?  …Surely not.

You have the power to change things, starting on Thursday 3rd May 2018 in the local elections. Get your vote in! have your voice heard.


The issue of parking is an ongoing problem and I share your frustration at the lack of spaces for local people.

All of the roads in Portsmouth are effected from match day parking, to parking all week while the owner works on the Isle of Wight.

Many are caught in the middle between controlled parking zones or none at all! These permits often cost hundreds of pounds if you have more than one car and simply just move the problem around the city.

We in Labour would call for a city-wide review of parking to ensure that local people get priority to ensure that we don’t just move the problem to another road we try to go some way ton sorting it.

We are keen to investigate new ideas such as opening up the unused shop carparks near Fratton Park at night so that lorries and vans can use them rather than parking on the streets.

Simple things like painting the spaces on the road often you can get many more cars parked correctly. We heard concerns and saw for ourselves that people were blocking entrances, taking up two or even three spaces by not parking correctly and parking on the pavement.

Have you got ideas for what would work? Get in touch and let us know!

If you see bad parking, especially if its dangerous, please report it to the City Council on the website or phone 023 9268 8310, alternatively if you have a smartphone download the My Portsmouth app and report it with photo. The council needs to know where the problems are so that it can take action.