Rajah was born in Milton and has lived in the ward for a long time, though this hasn’t stopped him from continuing to improve his local knowledge and understanding of the area. He’s currently involved with local neighbourhood groups, learning even more about the specific issues that are important to people in the area.

Housing development is of particular concern particularly given the continuing shortage of affordable homes in the city.

As a qualified teacher and registered social worker Rajah’s extensive community experience has involved working with, and supporting, vulnerable children and young people, many with behavioural difficulties. He’s also worked with adults with mental health problems and adults with autism and currently works in a Portsmouth primary school.

‘Having worked in many schools and residential units, I believe I can bring useful insight into the problems and issues many young people are having to face. Through my work I’ve gained experience in both the private and public sectors and through my volunteering and training I’ve gained experience of working in inter-professional/multi-agency ways in partnership with practitioners from other settings and families. I’ve been able to build positive relationships with those I’ve worked with and have always sought to empower others.’ – Rajah Ghosh

As a lead project worker for a charity aiming to increase social inclusion in a deprived area, Rajah planned, promoted and supervised sporting and other community events to encourage people to get involved and take part.

Rajah says: ‘I like to volunteer for community and charity activities and events which has led to me working with people with disabilities, after school clubs and a youth club for child victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. I currently volunteer for Pompey in the Community.’

Some of Rajah’s work has been for Portsmouth City Council’s Cultural Department as a research and policy assistant where he contributed to a range of citywide projects and initiatives.

Rajah is particularly concerned with the number of private housing developments going on in the ward, how this will impact on the area and people living in the ward:

Many, including myself, fear that another private development will again lead to there not being a significant amount of truly affordable homes being built to house those that are most in need. 

Even more disappointing is the apparent lack of regard given to the increased provisions that will certainly be needed in light of so many new homes. Doctors, dentists and school places, along with the inevitable increase in traffic, seem to have been completely overlooked by Portsmouth City Council!’  – Rajah Ghosh