The Hard 1Responding to plans for city centre improvements in Portsmouth, local councillor and city MP Stephen Morgan said:

“I welcome any proposal to transform our city centre so that we can attract the much needed investment to put the heart back into it. 

We need an imaginative scheme that provides a range of much needed homes for local people, and a vibrant and competitive retail offer that brings in private investment. We also need good quality office accommodation to help businesses of all sizes thrive and grow again in the heart of our city. 

This project gives us an opportunity to reinvigorate our local economy and create well paid jobs for local people. I’m keen to ensure that it also puts the best principles of sustainability into practice so that we reduce the environmental impact of congestion and pollution on local communities.

Sadly though our great city isn’t getting its fair share from central government. The Tories must now prioritise Portsmouth and give the city the investment it so desperately needs so that we can work with business to create sustainable prosperity for future generations.

These proposals have been a long time coming and I’m happy to work with others to make them a reality. 

Now is the time to crack on and make our city centre a destination again. The council must now get on with that job”.


Portsmouth MP tackles ‘beach clean’ to highlight litter problem

IMG_2855Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan joined the local Wildlife Trust on Southsea beach to do a mini ‘beach clean’ and highlight the problem of litter.
Many conservation organisations and campaign groups encourage people to spend a few minutes picking up litter that’s been washed up or left on our beaches, to prevent harm to wildlife and people. It’s estimated that UK beaches have on average over 2000 pieces of litter per kilometre stretch. Plastic items, which break down into smaller and smaller pieces, and enter the food chain, usually make ups over half of our beach litter.
Local volunteers organise a monthly beach clean on Southsea beach, usually on the first Saturday of the month. For more information and the next date, visit:
Stephen Morgan MP said:
“It was great to visit Southsea Beach with the local Wildlife Trust to hear more about the problem of litter on our beaches. 
I was shocked by just how much we found in a matter of minutes and would encourage everyone in Portsmouth to get out and do their bit in cleaning up our city’s fantastic coast”.
Debbie Tann, Hampshire and Isle of Wight WIldlife Trust Chief Executive said:
Litter in our oceans and on our beaches is a real threat to both wildlife and people. Plastic is a particular problem, as it never really degrades and instead breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, affecting fish, seabirds and marine mammals. 
Every piece of litter collected is a step towards cleaning up our amazing marine environment.”

Local MP and community campaigner highlight problems of fly tipping.

FlytippingToday (Thursday 28 September) Sumel Chowdhury, community campaigner in St Thomas ward, went on a walkabout around the neighbourhood with Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s Member of Parliament.

The walk around of the streets north of Elm Grove enabled the pair to see firsthand recent issues raised by local residents and community groups so that action can be taken by the appropriate agency.

Fly tipping is one local issue raised by local residents, and in particular the regular dumping of domestic rubbish down the alleyway between Elm Grove and Belmont Street. Sumel has subsequently reported recent incidents to the city council so the alleyway can be cleaned up.

Sumel Chowdhury said: “Residents have raised with me the constant mess and fly tipping we’ve seen in the alleyways near Cottage Grove school. It is completely unacceptable as key walking routes to this local school.

It was good to take a walk around the community with our local MP, Stephen Morgan, today and following up the concerns with the council. I will always work hard for this community and stand with them to tackle issues affecting  neighbourhood”.

Stephen Morgan MP added: “Local groups such as the East St Thomas residents’ forum are bringing the community together to tackle every day issues and make this special part of Portsmouth even better.

Sumel and I will continue to listen to local concerns and take action until we see an improvement in fly tipping levels and our community is cleaned up”.





The Need for Affordable Housing

This article is part of a series based around our Plan for Affordable Housing which you can read more about here.

To sign the petition supporting our Plan for Affordable Housing click here.

In recent years a toxic mix of rising rents, stagnant wages, reductions in welfare benefits and cuts to social support services, has led to an increasingly severe housing crisis for the people of this country. Locally this has meant a rise in demand for affordable housing as seen by increases in the level of homelessness and the number of households looking to the council or charities for housing related advice and guidance. Continue reading

Our Plan for Affordable Housing

This article is part of a series based around our Plan for Affordable Housing which you can read more about here.

To sign the petition supporting our Plan for Affordable Housing click here.

Having lived almost all my life in Portsmouth, I’m passionate about our city and its residents. But in recent years we’ve been let down by a council leadership seemingly intent on destroying our public services and converting the local authority into Portsmouth PLC. The Tories have failed to invest in health, education, social care and for me most crucially in housing. Continue reading

Portsmouth’s new MP pledges to fight for opportunities for all in maiden speech

Speech two.pngStephen Morgan, Labour’s first ever Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, today pledged to fight for opportunity for all, regardless of birth, class or age.

The “Fratton lad” paid tribute to the public service workers who had encouraged him to believe he could achieve his dreams and in a passionate call to the city’s young people he said: “aim high, work hard and you will achieve. Never, ever, accept anyone telling you you can’t succeed”.

The Labour Member said he was motivated by a simple notion: To ensure that the opportunities of a good education, a good home or a good job aren’t limited to the privileged few but can be enjoyed by all our citizens regardless of where they are born”. Continue reading

Local MP praises work of Portsmouth based charity, WetWheels

Stephen Morgan with Geoff HoltA local charity has received a visit by the new Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, to recognise their hard work in supporting people with a disability or long-term life limiting conditions.

WetWheels Solent, who have their headquarters in Gunwharf Quays, build disabled people’s confidence by providing the opportunity to access the sea in a fun, safe, stimulating and rewarding way using specially modified, fully accessible powerboats.

With the support of donors and partner organisations they provide water-based activity experiences for disabled people on board our specially designed boats, from centres within local communities.

Stephen Morgan, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, said:

“Wetwheels is an inspiring local organisation where perceived barriers are reassessed, new skills are learned and new-found independence is discovered.

Geoff and his team are doing so much to encourage opportunity for all in our great city. Last year they helped over 1,600 people 80% of which have never been afloat before, worked with 48 different agencies and assisted people from all walks of life to build their confidence and self esteem.

It was great to pay the charity a visit to recognise the hard work they and so many other charities do in Portsmouth to make life better for all”.

Disabled people can face particular challenges developing confidence, self-belief, self-worth and independence.

Beneficiaries of WetWheels services are active participants, rather than simply passengers, with the opportunity to steer the vessel and learn seamanship, alongside their peers, friends, and families.

The visit to WetWheels was led by Geoff Holt MBE and DL, the organisation’s founder. Geoff, a sailor from the city, was paralysed in an accident aged 18. In 2007 he became the first quadriplegic yatchsman to sail solo around Great Britain.