policeResponding to the crime statistics released today which revealed the largest rise in recorded crime in a decade, including an 18% jump in violent crime, Portsmouth South’s Member of Parliament, Stephen Morgan has warned that police officer cuts were “leaving our communities exposed”.
The overall figures released show that police numbers have fallen for the seventh consecutive year despite the promises made to protect both frontline policing and the budget in real terms.

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Labour plans more bobbies on the beat.


More bobbies on the beat would be delivered by Labour as announced by the party today.

Labour is committed to providing funding to the 43 forces across England and Wales to hire an extra 10,000 officers operating in community policing roles.

The move will be paid for by reversing cuts to Capital Gains Tax and comes at a time when reported crime is rising under the current Tory government. Read the rest of this entry »

Central Police Station to go under plans by police commissioner

hBfhxJonxSeykIK-800x450-noPadThe new Police and Crime Commissioner has announced that he has secured a site on Portsea Island for a new police investigation centre, off the Eastern Road. Read the rest of this entry »

People power wins the day on policing in the city

Stephen Morgan PoliceCommunity campaigners are delighted their efforts have been heard loud and clear and that Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner has now ruled out the option of building a new police investigation centre for the city out in Havant.

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Local people need a more convincing case on Central Police Station

News that Hampshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, politician Simon Hayes, may have ruled out Havant as the location of a proposed police investigation centre is to be welcomed. But yet again the Commissioner has missed the point say local people and community campaigners.

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Join the campaign to keep Portsmouth Central Police Station open!

Here’s a report from Solent TV on the plan to close down Portsmouth Central Police Station:

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A neighbourhood desk doesn’t replace a police station!

hBfhxJonxSeykIK-800x450-noPadHaving a neighbourhood desk in the civic offices is just not the same as having a centrally-located police station, Police & Crime Commissioner.

This is quite simply a cut too far!

The news that Portsmouth’s Central Police Station was being considered for closure by Hampshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, Simon Hayes, has come as a real disappointment to the Portsmouth community. Read the rest of this entry »